Cute little Halloween product
New version of Candy Mountain
What a cute product!
Super glittery, super pretty
Favourite Christmas ballistic, Golden Wonder!
Soot Ball, can’t wait to try this little beauty out in a little while :3

Based on the little soot spirits in Spirited Away and other Studio Ghibli masterpieces.


It’s Lush Colchesters first birthday in their new shop! Photos to follow.

Sorry about the inactivity


We Love Lush!: Bath Cocktail - Mermaid BathBath Cocktail - When you combine two or...



Bath Cocktail - Mermaid Bath

Bath Cocktail
- When you combine two or more LUSH bath products (bombs, melts, bubble bars) that compliment each other in one bath. Typically consisting of similar fragrances and colors (although by no means does everything have to!), bath cocktails are a fun,…



Our shop got Xmas stuff in :)
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